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Specializing in collecting past due accounts

Commercial, Consumer & Medical Collections

Voss & Klein has offered expert asset recovery for over 30 years.




Our agency mission is a simple one: Provide superior world-class professional recovery services in a timely manner. We realize that you are our greatest asset and deserve to be treated as such. We are dedicated to your success!

 Our purpose is clear: We understand that it’s your business and reputation and we will provide you with the type of service that will keep that intact.

Our collectors have a unique and effective method of working with consumers or businesses. Most of our clients have been with us for years due to our consistent and methodical approach to each account. Our recovery rate is over 75% for some clients, and our personalized service is unparalleled.

There is no industry we haven’t tackled. We have extensive experience with B2B Commercial, Consumer, Retail, Media, Transportation, Movers, Utilities and more!

Our Client Services include, but are not limited to:

PAST DUE INVOICES: We can collect on your past due accounts receivables.  We encourage our clients to place their receivables early as statistically the longer you wait the harder the recovery. Please provide us with a copy of your statement and invoices.

PROMISSORY NOTES: We can collect on any promissory note that you may have.  The earlier you can place increases the opportunity for recovery.  Please provide us with a copy of your signed note.

NSF CHECKS: We can collect on NSF checks or stop payments.  In some cases, once the account goes legal, we can pursue the writer of the check for treble damages.  Please provide us with a copy of the bad check.

CREDIT CARD CHARGEBACKS: We can collect on credit card chargebacks, if someone owes you money because of them initially paying you what they owed, then subsequently charging the amount back through their credit card company resulting in debit to your bank account. Please provide us with a copy of your chargeback records.

CREDIT REPORTING:  We are members of all three major credit bureaus; Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.  We can report your debt to the credit bureaus and have it listed on your debtor’s credit history for a 7-year period.  This means they will have to pay your debt prior to obtaining credit such as a loan, mortgage, or a re-finance.

COURT ACTION:  We can litigate on your behalf through one of our attorneys and it is STILL ON CONTINGENCY!  This means you don’t have to pay an attorney $350.00 per hour and still get legal representation anywhere in the world.

SKIP-TRACING:  We use state of the art technology and resources to locate people or companies who are particularly hard to find, or they have simply moved, and your bills are no longer reaching them.

JUDGMENT COLLECTIONS: We can collect on your judgment through the recovery of assets such as bank accounts, property, or wages. Please provide us a copy of the recorded judgment.

 BANK GARNISHMENT: Once a judgment is obtained through our attorney, we may be able to garnish the debtors bank account.

WAGE GARNISHMENT: Once a judgment is obtained through our attorney, we may be able to garnish your debtor’s wages directly from your debtor’s employer.

MAXIMIZE RETURNS: Benjamin Franklin once said, “Remember that credit is money.” It is a simple but often forgotten fact that the repayment of credit is a fundamental lifeline for hundreds of thousands of U.S. businesses that rely on consumers to pay their debts.

Statistically the most important action that you can take for your past due receivables is to place them early!!!!

Account receivables are not generally considered as a “depreciating” company asset! Their impact on net profit, however, is directly related to the margin of expense required to replace and collect them!



When opening a new account, remember these key points:

1. Obtain proper paperwork at the time of service.
2. Have customers sign documents and, if possible, provide a copy of their driver’s license to prevent future identity fraud claims.
3. Consider using ‘personal guarantee’ language for commercial accounts to attach debt to individuals rather than businesses.
4. Ensure all terms are clearly stated in writing, including the addition of interest, collection fees, court costs, and attorney fees in case of default.

We streamline your accounts receivables with our proven agreements (see sample forms). 

MONTHLY STATEMENTS/TIMELY REMITTANCE: We pay our clients on any amounts collected timely on the 1st business day of each month.

INDUSTRY NEWS / BLOG: We keep our clients informed on what’s going on in the industry and how it may affect them.